Q: What happens when a sword-swallowing beekeeper and a retired NBA mascot get together?

A: Mayhem. And all kinds of

sweet honey goodness...

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Deep Fried Honey Bites are a delicious light snack made of pure, organic honey lovingly wrapped and deep fried.    


Cocoa Bee
    Delectable Chocolate Drizzle

Honey Bee
    Sweet Honey Drizzle

Cinna Bee
    Savory Cinnamon-Sugar Topping

PB Bee
    Satisfying Peanut Butter Drizzle

Naked Bee
    The "O.G." - Just Skip The Drizzle

Peachy Bee
    Local Specialty with Texas Peaches

Bacon Bee
    Coming Soon!



Provide experiences that lead to joy and amusement by whatever means we have at our disposal.

And yes, we have our own

Rescue Bee Ranch

Our passion for bee keeping has expanded to allow us to start rescuing bees from local Dallas-area homes. We are now able to conduct bee removals almost daily throughout the spring, summer and the first month or so of fall. Rescue Bee Ranch has grown over the last few years to optimize honey production and now expects to be able to produce as much honey as possible.

A portion of all proceeds goes to support

Rescue Bee Ranch and our efforts to save honey bees!



Drink some water. Save some bees.

It's what the bees would drink. Actually, it IS what the bees drink. Bees drink water - not soda, not pop, not overpriced coffee - WATER.  Pure, spring water. Be like the bees and be healthy. Try some of our BEE H2O pure, spring water. As with our honey products, a portion of all proceeds goes to save the honey bees! Plus, the pure, transparent bouquet pairs nicely with all of our Fried Honey Bites flavors in a symphony of tasty goodness.

BEE H2O.png


Jeff Goodin & Shel Higgens have spent the last six years performing shows at fairs across the country. It’s at these fairs where the vision to become a food vendor took place. The fairs are a fun and fast-paced environment, and a place where they have seen tremendous success.

IMAGE_Jeff Goodin.png


Jeff began his career as an acrobatic slam dunk artist in 1996 touring with the #1 half-time act in basketball, the Slam Dunk Daredevils.  He traveled the world with the Daredevils where he was not only a performer but also Director of Operations.  

Jeff left the Daredevils in 1998 when the Boston Celtics signed him to become the first mascot in the history of the organization.  After two seasons with the Celtics, Jeff and his family moved to Dallas,TX when he signed with the Dallas Mavericks to perform as the Mavs Man.  In his first season with the Mavericks, Sports Illustrated named Jeff the second-best mascot in the NBA behind the Phoenix Gorilla.

Jeff left the mascot profession to continue his entertainment career as a speaker and show producer. Jeff has spoken around the world to audiences ranging from corporate executives to elementary school kids. His unique style of comedy and interaction is enjoyed by audience members of all ages. He has also produced an acrobatic slam dunk basketball show and an interactive comedy show that has been touring state fairs across the country for the past five years.

IMAGE_Shel Higgens.png


Shel has one of the most interesting career histories of anyone you will ever meet. Everything from stock broker and bounty hunter to casino developer. Shel has spent the last fifteen years as one of the worlds top street performers and six years ago began devoting his energy to entertainment at fairs and festivals. Shel is a passionate Bee Keeper. That passion led him to start a 501(c)(3) called the Rescue Bee Ranch where Shel rescues bees from homes and businesses for FREE.  


Shel’s passion for bee keeping is what drove him to begin rescuing bees from friends and neighbors homes. His Bee Ranch has grown over the last few years. Six months ago Shel began to organize Rescue Bee Ranch to optimize honey production. Rescue Bee Ranch is now doing bee removals daily through spring, summer and the first month or so of fall.

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